The Old Skool Customs shop as well as this web site was created for bikers and those that
have a need for the wind in their face, the feeling of freedom that only solitude can bring, and for like minded people that wish to live life on their own terms {within the boundaries of the law...of course...(with the exception of our founder and a few close associates)}.

We here at OSC opened our doors to the public for several reasons. The number one reason being a common love for what we do and the belief that we are the best in our respective fields. We also believe in brotherhood, trust, dedication, and safety. Because of these common beliefs and values as well as the desire to ride, we promote our shop and lifestyle to not only the surrounding counties in East Central Alabama but to all we encounter.

Now don't get met wrong, we are in the business to make a buck or two. We are not in the business of shady deals and half-assed workmanship. We will deliver the quality and stand behind, with pride, ALL projects that pass through our doors.

Not only do we fabricate, build, repair and customize, most importantly we RIDE!

As stated above, we RIDE. This site will be dedicated to those rides. Both past and future rides will be found on this site. A calendar of events will be hosted here for ALL interested parties to participate in.